Bright Model School

Roshan Mustaqbil Ka Zamin

Established in 1992 by Mrs Sabira Shabbir Awan

“Bright Model School was established in 1992 with the great vision of its founder Mrs. Sabira Shabbir Awan from that day till now, the institute had created many Doctors, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs for the better world of today. The insti- tute has created many success symbols. Right now, BMS aims to help every brain keen to learn and compete in today’s world.”

News & Updates

  • January test conducted as the pre-annual assessment in the previous month.
  • Session End Party details to be announced soon.
  • 3rd Parents-Teacher Meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2024.

News & Updates

  • Final exams for the current session commence from January 19, 2024. Click here for date sheets and syllabus.
  •  Campus 2 is marking its 25th year in this session.
  •  Silver Jubilee celebration of Campus 2 on Saturday, March 9, 2024.

Founder of Bright Model School

I started BMS in 1993 out of sheer interest in youth development through education. My vision was to create an institute that develops human skills through curricular and extracurricular
activities. By the grace of Allah, Almighty BMS has been able to produce quality education over the past 29 years. Our mission statement is “Roshan Mustaqbil Ka Zamin”. Our goal at BMS is to educate & train our new generation, with the help of professional staff, in a manner that they will not only be an active part of our society but will also, be friendly and positive representatives of our culture and values in a foreign environment. BMS is a registered body and is affiliated with the Federal Board of Islamabad.

BMS has also furnished BMS Campus 2 to serve our esteemed clients in I-10/2. So Let us join hands to develop our future in the best way possible so that when tomorrow we look back and say: We did what we should have.

“Our mission is to inspire students not only intellectually but also spiritually, through participation in a well integrated life at Bright Model School.

BMS is more then a Campus

Our educational institutions boast thoughtfully crafted campuses that embrace contemporary aesthetic principles, embodying a vibrant atmosphere of innovation. Featuring cafes, sports amenities, communal spaces, and a holistic learning environment, our campuses are designed to foster academic growth. Whether you’re a prospective student or currently enrolled, we invite you to explore and discover the unique qualities that set BMS apart.

5 Reason Why You Love BMS

  1. Innovative Teaching Methods.
  2. Dedicated And Qualified Faculty.
  3. Holistic Development Programs.
  4. Modern And Supportive Learning  Enviroment.
  5. An Institute Dedicated To Your Success.


Learn about admission requirements, how to apply and next step once you have applied at BMS.


BMS offers range of different scholarships programmes for students to help cover tution fees.


Programmes includes early years, primary levels and lower secondary levels.


Looking forward, BMS is not limited to the classroom. A robust campus life with a variety of extracurricular activities waiting for you.


Innovative learning at our school goes beyond textbooks and traditional methods. We believe in nurturing curious minds, encouraging creativity, and fostering critical thinking. 

Brighterians by the numbers

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House No 129 street 19 I9/1 Islamabad

Campus 2

House No 1896 street 27 I10/2 Islamabad


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